Find a language friend

Welcome to ‘Språkvänner’ (“Language Friends”) – a weekly activity organized by Equal Rights for Integration where you can practice speaking Swedish in an everyday situation. The activity is organized differently in Norrköping and Linköping, you can read more about the differences below.

Language Friends in Norrköping

In Norrköping you can find us Wednesdays at 17:00 at ABF’s facilities located in Bergslagsgården, Västgötegatan 25, Norrköping. If it is the first time you’re coming to Language Friends you can always check by e-mail to that we’re not somewhere else that particular Wednesday.

During ‘Språkvänner’ we will also address issues such as,

  • information about Swedish society and social services
  • Swedish norms and values
  • what are your rights in Swedish society?

Intended participants for ‘Språkvänner’

  • Individuals with a foreign background who would like to improve their knowledge of the Swedish language, social functions, traditions, and other topics relevant to navigate Swedish society
  • Individuals with experience of Swedish culture and language who would like share their knowledge with people from all over the world. We’re interested in volunteers of both Swedish and foreign origin

A purpose of ‘Språkvänner’ is to help you find individual “language friends”; to match persons established in Swedish society with recently arrived individuals around common interests.

You can find us every Wednesday at 17:00 at ABF’s facilities located in Bergslagsgården, Västgötegatan 25, Norrköping. If you’re interested, let us know by e-mail:


Language Friends in Linköping

Our activity in Linköping is organized only around matching language friends by interest, there is no weekly event as in Norrköping. The Linköping activity is a cooperation by a number of non-profit associations together with Linköping municipality under the name “Vi ses! Språkvänner i Linköping“, which approximately translates to “See you! Language friends in Linköping”. If you live in Linköping and is interested in finding a language friend, feel free to contact us by e-mail at, or visit the official homepage for the cooperation at,

Vi ses! Språkvänner i Linköping - Logotyp